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The benefits of drinking less

We all like a drink occasionally, and that won’t do you any harm. But if you feel like you’re drinking more than you’d like, cutting down could give you a real boost in just a few days. And in the medium and long-term, it can make a real difference to your health.

Let’s start with the immediate benefits. Cut back on your alcohol even just a little bit, and you might well start to feel and look better in less than a week. The positive effects can include sleeping better, brighter skin and an improved mood. In fact, drinking less can improve your overall mental health, and you should also find you’re feeling less tired and have much more get-up-and-go.

And don’t forget, cutting back on drinking means cutting down your spending on alcohol – so you can save serious money too!

Avoiding more serious risks

Drinking in the longer term poses a much greater risk to your health – alcohol has actually been linked to over 60 different medical conditions, including liver disease, cancer and depression – so the earlier you can start cutting back, the less the risk of serious problems.

According to the NHS, the long-term benefits of drinking less include lower blood pressure, lower risk of strokes and hyper tension (as well as the aforementioned cancer and liver disease), and lower cholesterol levels.

Remember that alcoholic drinks tend to be high in calories too, so you’ll probably notice a difference in your waistline. In fact, if you’re trying to lose weight cutting down the alcohol is a great way to reduce your calorie intake.

Lower the health risks with Lower My Drinking

Cutting down your drinking is a really positive health choice – and we have just the thing to help you do it! The Lower My Drinking app lets you set personal goals and track your drinking to help you achieve them – and it’s packed with all sorts of other tools and tips to help you drink less and stay healthy. Download it now, and make the change you want to make today!

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